The Fougères site benefits from Safran’s success

In late October, Safran published its results that confirm the increase in its activities, particularly in aviation and defence. The Fougères site (L’Ecartelée, 765 employees) is affected by these good figures. A genuine equipment manufacturer within the group, this plant is responsible for producing the electronics used in equipment manufactured by all Safran establishments.

Fougères actually manufactures the computers for the LEAP engines used in civil aviation (short and medium-haul) that will equip the future Airbus A320 neo and Boeing 737 Max, but also by the military, particularly in the Rafale and A400M. A genuine commercial success since the group announced, for example, in mid-February, the order of 348 LEAP-1A engines for €4.9 billion, by Transport Partners. Given that for 2017, the aim was to reach 450 engines.

The Ecartelée plant is also part of the production of Defence equipment at Safran. It thus manufactures Paseo electronic boards, a gyrostabilised mounting used in the military vehicles of the Scorpion programme of tank renewals. The Fougères employees also produce the electronics of infrared binoculars, air-to-ground modular missile kits (ASSM), as well as the electronic boards of Patroller military drones. Moreover, the increase in Defence turnover has accelerated owing to the guidance, navigation and optronics activities, as confirmed by Philippe Petitcoli, CEO of Safran. The group was also retained in an international call to tender to fit out the submarines of the Dutch navy with its Sigma 40 inertial navigation system, whose electronic boards will be manufactured by the Fougères site.


Sources : La chronique républicaine- 13/11/17, Ouest France – 19/02/2018