Thermobaby boosts its international business

Thermobaby bottle warmer

Alongside its famous bottle warmer, Thermobaby (Auray) produces plastic childcare items: baths, high chairs and bath seats, etc. that it markets under its own name or as large retail brand names. The bottle warmers are made in Auray. For the other items, the company works with plastic injector service providers; 88% of its products are manufactured in France, an undeniable advantage as France has the most restrictive standards for baby products in the world. Large retail sales account for 80% of Thermobaby sales, whose products are now found on the approved lists of chains of specialist stores (Bébé 9, Autour de bébé, New baby, Orchestra) and which bolster the online trade. At the same time, the SME is advancing well abroad: 26% of turnover goes to export (22% in 2013) in some thirty countries (eighteen in 2013). The most recent include Singapore, Malaysia, Lebanon and Morocco. Europe, led by Germany, is still its major export market.

Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 28/01/2016
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