Yoku Moku

Named Best French Chocolate-Maker in 2003 by the Guide des croqueurs de chocolat (Chocolate Eaters Guide) and known for having invented the salted butter caramel (CBS registered trademark), the chocolate-maker Henri Le Roux (Quiberon) is one of the world references in high-end chocolate.

It has five boutiques under its own name in Bretagne and Paris and two sales outlets in Tokyo and Dubai.

In 2006, Henri Le Roux entrusted his succession to the Japanese Yoku Moku (300 employees). Since then, the chocolate factory has taken an increasingly marked international turn and now exports 25% of its production to Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Dubai.

In 2008, Yoku Moku invested in a new workshop in Landévant. Bretagne Commerce supported the company in this project in order to facilitate the procedures and the follow-up of the project with the various interlocutors. The manager of the Breton company, Makoto Ishii, greatly appreciated having a single contact and also insists on the quality of the staff found in Bretagne: hard-working employees, in whom he can have full confidence.


Les investissements étrangers en Bretagne vus par La société ” Henri Le Roux” / Yoku Moku from Bretagne Commerce International on Vimeo.