Tibot covets robotics for the poultry industry

Photo credit : Tibot Technologies

A spin-off from Cimtech’s mechatronics engineering department, Tibot Technologies (Cesson-Sévigné) develops autonomous robots for the poultry industry, including Spoutnic that operates in hen houses autonomously thanks to its rechargeable battery and produces audible and luminous stimuli to guide poultry to their nest boxes, which increases the farm’s productivity and improves working conditions. Spoutnic is produced by subcontractors in the West and assembled in-house.

The company is seeking industrial partners to work on its next-generation robots for the poultry sector. Work on its next robot has already begun as part of a collaborative project with the University of Rennes, the poultry farming technical centre Itavi and Cimtech, funded by Région Bretagne and Bpifrance. In May, Tibot raised €900k to organise its R&D and increase its international sales team. The SME generates 60% of its turnover internationally.


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