“Tomorrow’s food will be digital”

Following its recent AGM, the Valorial cluster has highlighted the increasingly significant impact of digital applications in accelerating food innovation in Bretagne. In the last three years, about a hundred projects have been certified for an amount of €200M and 60% of projects certified in 2015 have involved innovative technologies which incorporate increasingly sensors, smart packaging, digital marketing tools, safety and traceability solutions, etc.

Valorial is also going to work on big data and agri-food. Missions have been mandated with players from the FoodTech in Denmark, Sweden and soon Las Vegas to explore new technologies. A call for agri-food and digital products will also be launched in partnership with the Images & Réseaux cluster. Halfway through its 2013-2018 goals contract, the cluster can boast 20% growth by its members in three years and hundreds of certified projects, with the potential to generate €800M turnover, and create 380 jobs in 2018-2020 in Western France, a region where agri-food is the leading industrial employer.


Source : Journal des Entreprises – 06/06/2016
Photo credit : pole-valorial.fr