Top French cities in 2017 in which to work and live : Rennes on the podium

L’Express has recently published its survey on the quality of life in French cities, in the knowledge that more than 200,000 people leave Ile-de-France every year for the provinces. Rennes came third in terms of a good place to work and seventh for living. Overall, Rennes is the best placed when both classifications are considered simultaneously!

Since 2011, this list of winning cities has been helping candidates for change through two classifications on mobility due to choice of lifestyle or for professional reasons. The survey divides France into four regions for a panel covering the 98 most populated urban areas.

The choice of lifestyle survey is based on eight criteria: pleasant living environment, access to culture, secondary schools and major universities, public transport, health care, delinquency, property prices and the environment. The criteria for professional life choices are the job market, the number of start-up businesses, tourist appeal, whether served by a high-speed train station or airport, the presence of executives and researchers and the low poverty rate.

As a rule, large cities have major advantages for a fresh professional start whilst the medium-sized cities stand out for their quality of life, especially due to a more accessible property market. The 32 survey indicators were compiled from INSEE, the Commissariat Général à l’Egalité des Territoires (General Commission for Territorial Equality) and its Territories Observatory and the Ministries of the Interior, Health and National Education.

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Source : L’Express – 23/01/2017