Meet suppliers in Bretagne

Are you looking for new, quality products, and don’t have a second to lose ? Set up a time to meet with Bretagne Commerce International, and bring along your project specifications.

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Given our years of experience and our access to an extensive network of resources in the Bretagne corporate landscape, we can put together, in NO TIME at all and at NO COST, a list of carefully selected companies bound to meet your needs.

You choose the companies you wish to visit, and we will provide a detailed schedule of site visits in Bretagne or Paris.

Whether you arrive by plane or train, we will be there waiting for you and by your side every step of the way during your visits with the companies you’ve selected. Whatever your needs may be, from logistics to interpreting and everything in-between, we’ve got it covered!

The companies in Bretagne will unveil their offerings that are bound to win you over.


Your visit in Bretagne

Visite Fairways_Dégustation

For over 30 years, both the Regional Council and Chamber of Commerce and Industry have called upon Bretagne Commerce International to help Breton businesses take root and flight abroad. Every year, we accompany more than 2,300 businesses in their project set-up and deployment plans, and are therefore ideally positioned to fully understand what the regional economic fabric entails. Our “Buyer Symposia” offers an opportunity wherein we oversee every step of your mission by providing, among others, client-, site visit- and administration-specific information, not to mention assistance with transportation in Bretagne. All you have to do is pay your way to Bretagne (or Paris) and your accommodation for which we would be delighted to offer suggestions and book for you.



Meet Breton companies at international trade fairs

Bretagne Commerce International and Breton companies will be pleased to meet you at different major trade fairs around the world and present you with their wide range of skills and high-quality products and services.


Working with Breton people

General communication in France

  • French people consider first three seconds or first three gestures very important.
  • Various verbal and non-verbal communication issues :
    • Formality is highly regarded
    • Colleagues on the same level generally use first names
    • Attention to detail is much appreciated
    • At a business or social meeting: shake hands with everyone present when arriving or leaving.
    • “La bise”(kiss on both cheeks) is usually used when family and close friends greet one another, and for close colleagues


Business meeting planning: be careful when you want to schedule meetings!

  • Remember that many French take several weeks off in the summer. Some companies even close operations for the entire month of August
  • Take also into account that a lot of offices are deserted during Christmas and Easter school closings.
  • In France, meetings are held to discuss issues not necessarily to make  decision


Negotiation process : be patient !

  • Debate and discussions are common in French negotiations process
  • Don’t be afraid to interrupt and ask questions
  • Express your interest to your counterparts and take it as positive sign if you are being interrupted
  • Aggressive selling techniques don’t work
  • Remember the hierarchical structure of organizations in France = external negotiations, then internal negotiations and top decisions
  • Seek out the top decision maker to speed up your negotiations
  • … And don’t underestimate or neglect other intermediaries!