Traiteur de Paris exports French pastries

Created in 1996 from a meeting between Yann Le Moal, an enthusiastic pastry chef and Denis Pinault, a young businessman, Traiteur de Paris produces cocktail items (canapés, petits fours), prepared accompaniments and high quality pastries and desserts, intended for catering professionals. There are 25 salaried pastry cooks and a team of nine people in the innovation department in Rennes run by pastry chef Yann Le Moal, who prepares recipes every day inspired by craft methods. The group’s 450 employees are split between its two production sites, one at La-Guerche-de-Bretagne (Bretagne) and another at Fécamp (Normandie), and the headquarters in Rennes that house R&D, the support functions and management. The group achieved €45M turnover in 2018 and is targeting €50M in 2019. The ambition is €80M turnover within five years.


Twice as much production capacity

In response to the strong growth recorded in recent years, the Traiteur de Paris has invested €11M in its La-Guerche-de-Bretagne workshops. The 7,800 square metre extension was inaugurated on 26 September 2019. A new cyrogenic freezing tunnel (with nitrogen) has been installed there. This can freeze the product and lower its temperature to -18°C in just a few minutes. The new site also has a new cold plant running on CO2. The goal is to double production from 250,000 items to 500,000 items per day. Traiteur de Paris already offers 350 different recipes and will thus be able to continue to expand its ranges. The workshop also prepares products for other brands (Picard, Lidl, Metro) which account for just under half of the group’s total production. Although Traiteur de Paris does not offer vegan or organic ranges for the moment, the company makes a point of offering quality products, free of GMO and artificial flavourings and made with French flour and free-range eggs. In 2020, the pastry chef will launch a gluten-free molten chocolate cake.

The 150-employee Bretagne production site is planning to create new jobs to support this growth: forty in 2020 and a further forty in the next three years.


Global success

Thanks to the freezing technique, which preserves the excellence of its products, the company exports its know-how and products to more than sixty countries on all continents. Exports account for 50% of the group’s business and grew by 20% in 2018. Traiteur de Paris has forged strong partnerships with many chefs around the world and has woven a network of more than 600 partner distributors (France and internationally) which sell its products to food-service professionals: luxury hotel chains (Accor, Sheraton, Hilton), airlines (Air France, American Airlines, Lufthansa), restaurants and coffee shops.


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