Val de Rance ciders are investing €10M


Les Celliers Associés (Pleudihen-sur-Rance, 100 employees, €36M turnover), the second largest cider company in France, regularly launches new products under the Val-de-Rance brand: cider in cans, pink cider for the aperitif, the “Envies de” (ciders for tapas, grills and desserts) and “Tout fruité” ranges (ciders flavoured with raspberry, peach or grapefruit), which are targeting a young, female clientèle.

To increase its production capacity from forty to sixty million bottles by 2019, the cider company is going to invest €10M in its production lines, including €3.5M at Pleudihen and €6.5M at Condé-sur-Vire in Normandie.

P. Musellec, the Managing Director of the cooperative, also wishes to meet the growing demand from foreign markets that account for 28% of turnover. The goal is to increase this share to 50%. The cider company has developed some 50 blends with flavours to suit the target markets (Europe, Asia and North America).

Sources : Ouest France – 19/06/2017 & 23/10/2017

Photo credit : Celliers Associés – Val de Rance