Vandemoortele Bakery: a European leader in Torcé

By finalizing the acquisition of PANAVI in 2008, the VANDEMOORTELE Family Group has accelerated its expansion into the dynamic Frozen bakery market (breads, pastries, cakes) to become a major European Leader (Top 3).

VANDEMOORTELE now means 38 production sites spread throughout Europe with facilities in twelve countries and 5,1000 employees.

The Group’s French teams managed from the “Breton Headquarters” in Torcé, the gateway to Bretagne, run a leading manufacturer in France in the pastries, breads and donuts markets as well as for specialties like the “Galettes des Rois” (Epiphany Cakes) – it now produces more than 20 million units accounting for nearly 75% of the total market (11,000 T).

VANDEMOORTELE has also built up its international commercial development in the “bakery world” from its Breton plants, based on his unique BAKE’UP® concept, French Croissant and Pastries Ready to Bake (True Freezer to Oven, Proof as You Bake).

The BAKE’UP® product, developed by the R&D teams at Torcé and produced on the Group’s Breton sites, has been adopted by various distribution networks around the world (Cruise lines, food-service, supermarket, convenience store, in store bakery, TV & Internet shopping, etc.).

BAKE’UP croissants and pastries are baked every day in several thousand of the most demanding stores in Japan and in more than eighty countries.

The VANDEMOORTELE Group cultivates and develops its values – Respect, Cooperation and Ambition – in its two markets, BAKERY and MCOF (Margarines, Culinary Oils and Fats) at the Group’s headquarters (Ghent, Belgium), in Bretagne, in Europe, and throughout the world serving its existing and future customers.

VANDEMOORTELE, Shaping a tasty future


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