Vendée Globe, a great showcase for Breton nautical companies

The press praised the performance of Banque Populaire VIII’s monohull A. Le Cléac’h on its victorious finish at the Vendée Globe in January. The economic journalists also took the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the Breton companies to the design of this boat: the plans (Guillaume Verdier, Larmor Plage and the VPLP firm, Vannes) the construction work (CDK Technologies construction site, Port-la-Forêt) as well as the sails (North Sails, Vannes), a high technology mat (Lorima, Lorient), foils (Heol Composites, Treffléan), safety equipment (Plastimo, Lorient), on-board electronics (Pixel-sur-Mer, Lorient), the racers’ fuel (Lyophilise and Co, Lorient) or even its anti roll bed (Sellerie Nautique Aerec, Sarzeau).

A. Le Cléach is not the only racer to have been equipped by Breton companies to face this extreme race. Land of sailors, Bretagne proves once again that it is a major actor of the Vendée Globe: the companies of the “Sailing Valley” distinguished themselves in this edition. Without forgetting that the Banque Populaire team is based on the Keroman submarine base in Lorient, just like 10 other sailboats engaged on the Vendée Globe.

Source : Ouest France – 20/01/2017

Photo credit : Banque Populaire