VitaDX raises € 1.6M to improve cancer diagnosis

VitaDX (Rennes, 14 employees) is developing a new precocious cancer diagnosis technique using fluorescent imaging. Its first product, VisioCyt, is dedicated to bladder cancer detection based on a urine test interpreted by artificial intelligence. This market is estimated to be work  €1 Billion based on 8 to 10 million tests per year at a unit cost of between €100 and €150.

After a first investment round of €1.2 M, the startup has completed a second round of funding of €1.6 M with Go Capital Amorçage 2, Auriga IV Bioseeds and two private investors. It should now be able to complete its clinical trial and plans to market its first product in France and Belgium from 2020. The co-founders J. Bozec and A. Rodriguez, want to become market leaders and set up their own laboratory in Rennes. For the last 6 years, research work has been carried out in the Hôpitaux de Paris, the l’Université Paris-Sud and the CNRS. The company has also just signed a technology transfer agreement on automatic image processing with L’Onera and the Paris-Saclay SATT.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 08/06/2017 

Photo credit : VitaDX