Vitalac, livestock production demedicalisation specialist

Cleanolite (by Vitalac) is a product used to condition bedding and colonise it with a bacterial core which competes with pathogenic flora, for better udder health. Photo credit : Vitalac

Vitalac (Carnoët, 90 employees) specialises in animal nutrition, and particularly in demedicalisation in livestock units. Drug use in intensive farming develops antibiotic-resistant strains transmitted by humans, an issue well documented by ANSES, which leads to 13,000 deaths/year for 160,000 infections. According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance could lead to 10 million deaths annually in 2050. There are only two ways of overcoming this problem.

1/ Develop disinfection, in particular with technological solutions.

2/ Reduce drug use.

Vitalac boasts more than twenty years of expertise in acidifiers, natural molecules or acid mixes with a sanitary and zootechnical effect and that destroy pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract. They can be used in traditional and organic farming alike.

Expertise in acids is very advanced in France and not in Asia. However, there is a rising awareness amongst Asian, East-European and North-American farmers in the use of alternative products. Currently, half of Vitalac’s sales are generated internationally and much more for acids.


Source : Breizh-Info – 30/10/2017