Viteo seeks to raise funds for its river underwater turbine

Viteo river underwater turbine

Viteo (Rennes) has just finalised the development of a high-output river underwater turbine. The engineering firm has been self-financed so far, but is now looking to raise €500k to finance the manufacture and installation of a full-scale demonstrator. Reduced scale tests in towing tanks have been conducted. The installation is planned in the Garonne during 2016. The company reckons to enter the MRE market with an underwater turbine rotor comprising three vertical biplanes arranged around a central drum. Its architecture produces more output than traditional rotors with fewer installation constraints. This system is now patented. The SME intended initially to develop a medium-sized underwater turbine, but ultimately opted for a small, autonomous floating machine with a production capacity of 40 to 50 kW. This is far more in line with the specifications of current calls for tenders. In France and also in Africa, Viteo is targeting the river (mill turbine chambers, decommissioned locks) and estuary markets. Its generator is supplied with an electrical cabinet incorporating sensors to collect the machine’s performance data in situ.

Source : API newsletter of 24/02/16
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