Vivement Lundi! is getting a new studio in Rennes

Specialising in producing documentaries and cartoons, Vivement Lundi! (Rennes) has just renovated and extended its premises. It will have a new studio and co-working space specific to the audiovisual production trades. Its co-founder, J.-F. Le Corre, has announced a new €950k investment programme in Rennes, driven by public policies that encourage relocation and the arrival of the LGV which is bringing Paris nearer.

Many projects are in progress in 2017, including cartoon series, two special TV collections, six short feature films and a documentary in production and four documentaries under development. The company should, for example, start Season 2 of Dimitri, a series produced for France Télévisions, VRT (Belgium) and RTS (Switzerland), which is receiving €150k support from the Bretagne Region.

J.-F. Le Corre and V. Malavieille have also founded the cartoon studio Personne n’est parfait! (Rennes) which provides services to the production company as well as third parties. Note that in 2016, the production company received the Prix UniFrance of French exporter of short films.

Source : API Newsletter – 11/04/2017

Photo credit : Vivement Lundi!