Macroalgae cells culture for cosmetic actives production. Photo credit : BiotechMarine

Marine and agri-biotech – driving our innovation!

Bretagne is France’s 3rd ranking region for home-grown biotechnology and has thus achieved a high profile in the country. We have built a pioneering and buoyant economy drawing on both the region’s strong collaborative tradition and our long-standing experience of sustainably exploiting natural resources.



Uniquely positioned on blue and green biotech

Blue for resources from the ocean, and green for those from the land. Historically Bretagne has been a region expert in information and communication technologies which offers huge potential for combining ICT and biotechnology. As a sector of excellence, biotech lie at the heart of Bretagne’s economic strategy dubbed the Glaz economy from the local Breton word meaning a blend of blue and green.


Bretagne’s specificities in biotechnology and key organisations


Fermenteur au sein de l'entreprise CODIF. Crédit Photo : CODIF
Fermenteur au sein de l’entreprise CODIF. Crédit Photo : CODIF

C-Weed. Photo credit : E. Pain / Marque Bretagne
C-Weed. Photo credit : E. Pain / Marque Bretagne

Main applications sectors

  • Agriculture-agro-food: Bretagne is France’s top agriculture and agrifood region. As such, we have the agri-biotech capability needed to address today’s major challenges such as producing safe, highly nutritional and tasty food sustainably across the value chain – from agriculture to agrifood. More information
  • Cosmetics: Bretagne has built an innovative and buoyant economy around the cosmetics industry, drawing on its long-standing experience in sustainably exploiting natural resources. More information
  • Green business: Successful energy transition requires using resources efficiently and sustainably, through clean technology, and better exploiting renewable sources, through ecotech. In this endeavor, biotechnology has a major role to play. More information
  • Health: Together, our key industries – agrifood, marine and digital sectors – provide us with a huge and unique capability in biotech for advancing human health. More information


Leaders in their field 

170 businesses including leaders such as Bio3G, bioMérieux, BiotechMarine, Biotrial, Codif International, Diana, Dupont, Goëmar (Arysta), Lactalis, Mane, Olmix, Roullier, Sanofi, Triballat, Groupe Rocher…


Focus on the cosmetic sector : a rich and diverse ecosystem, from coast to coast

Behind Yves Rocher, the world-renowned plant cosmetics business firmly established in the region**, hides a multitude of industry players with unique capabilities. Many work for big international brands.


Our region offers a comprehensive ecosystem ranging from packaging, make-up accessories, algae extracts and lipstick to academic research to industrial production.

Cosmetics sector in Bretagne represents €1.8 billion in sales and nearly 6,000 employees.