Bretagne, a region committed to our future health

Our ambition : a leading region in Europe in addressing the healthcare challenges of tomorrow : prevention, prediction, patient empowerment and personalized medicine.


Bloc opératoire ThérA, CHU de Rennes. Crédit photo : CHU de Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, Inserm
Bloc opératoire ThérA, CHU de Rennes. Crédit photo : CHU de Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, Inserm


Thanks to the strengths and innovation of our region’s healthcare sector, Bretagne is among France’s leading regions for its scientific and clinical expertise, and also as a great place to do business.

With committed stakeholders the sector enjoys a high level of R&D investment, and its research in healthcare technologies (imaging, e-health, medical devices) is recognised throughout France. The region ranks 4th among the most dynamic ecosystems in France for e-health (2017 Health & Tech studies).

Regional skills in data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence… foster the development of new organizational approaches in healthcare (prevention, diagnostics, therapeutics).

In addition, as a leading region for R&D into molecular and active agents(tadalafil from store), Bretagne is going from strength to strength in biotechnologies and health nutrition – it even has healthcare subsidiaries within its agrifood businesses, and not many regions can claim that.

Furthemore, our region is highly skilled in liver pathologies, cardiology, neurology and orthopaedics.



Senior woman using health technology. Photo credit : iStock
Senior woman using health technology


The region, 2nd in France for digital technology R&D, has a long and proven track record which has led to a dense network of digital companies working to develop e-health technologies.

  • Over 50 companies
  • Expertise in health data analysis (Smart data)
  • The innovation cluster “Images et Réseaux”
  • The b<>com Technology Research Institute specialising in digital technology including connected health and augmented healthcare

Leaders in their field

AcetiamBiosencyMedavizMapui LabsOpenHealthSIB e-SISHoppen


*2017 study published by Health&Tech Intelligence in partnership with Caisse des dépôts.

Diagnostic and therapeutic technology

A forward-looking and innovation-driven sector devoted to the medicine of tomorrow, drawing on acknowledged regionial expertise.

  • Over 80 companies
  • Cutting-edge academic research
  • A centre for clinical investigation and technological innovation (diagnostic and therapeutic devices)
  • Medical imaging platforms
  • A hospital-university federation to develop pioneering health technologies (TECH SAN)
  • “Living labs” for co-creating and exploring new ideas with users
  • The innovation clusters “Images et Réseaux” and “Atlanpole Biotherapies”

Close-up Of Hand Holding Sugar Level Checking Machine. Photo credit : iStock
Close-up Of Hand Holding Sugar Level Checking Machine


Leaders in their field

AskornBA HealthcareCristalensClaripharmDiafirImascapKaptalia, Medecom, Mensia TechnologiesNowak MedicalOxynovTherenvaTonnoir fluides médicaux


Biotech / pharma – New therapeutic approaches

Bretagne is France’s 3rd ranking region for biotechnology* – our region has specialist skills and knowledge in genetics, bio-markers, and the exploitation of marine biomolecules.

  • Around 60 companies
  • Contract Research Organizations including Europe’s leading early stage clinical research centre
  • 2 clinical investigation centres
  • 3 biological resource centres
  • A network of core facilities for life sciences
  • A hospital-university federation for cancer care (CAMIn)
  • Structured research on multifactorial disorders in conjunction with Inserm (TramWest)

Research. Photo credit : Adobe Stock

  • The Capbiotek network
  • The innovation cluster Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique for the exploitation of marine resources
  • The innovation cluster Atlanpole Biotherapies


Leaders in their field

BiomérieuxBiopredic InternationalC.Ris PharmaCherry BiotechComplifeEnancioEurocell DiagnosticEurosafeHCS PharmaHemarinaHTL BiotechnologyManros TherapeuticsNG BiotechSanofiTriskem InternationalVitaDXYslab


*Biomap 2018 Data


Prevention / health nutrition

As France’s leading agrifood region, Bretagne has quickly taken centre-stage in the development of active ingredients and nutritional foods for health purposes.

  • Over 60 companies
  • Subsidiaries from the food industry specialising in health nutrition
  • Structured research and clinical research in food, metabolism and prevention of pathologies (NuMeCan)
  • A research institute in health, environment and work (IRSET)
  • An innovation cluster specialising in food (Valorial)

Herb capsule with green herbal leaf and bottle. Photo credit : iStock
Herb capsule with green herbal leaf and bottle



Leaders in their field

Abyss IngrédientsArmor protéinesAroma CelteCompagnie des pêches St-Malo SantéCyaneDiana FoodEffinovEven Santé IndustrieElementa IngrédientsLactalis Nutrition santéLaitaPolaris