Why STI has invested one million Euros in Fougères

For 10 years, STI Biotechnologie (Saint-Etienne-en-Coglès) has developed products incorporated into animal feed in replacement for antibiotics. The company generates 70% of its turnover in pig nutrition, the remaining 30% stem from solutions to improve liquid manure odours for example.

Managers L. Barotin and D. Robert hope to generate a turnover of €4 million in 2018 and €10 million in 2019 with 55% for export. Already operating in the US with a local partner as well as in Asia, it is developing in the north of Russia, in China, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Southern Europe (Spain, Italy) and soon in Northern Europe.

Each year, the laboratory spends €200k on R&D. In 2018, STI Biotechnologie plans to also invest €500k in its Breton site to retransfer part of its logistics internally and improve its processes. €500k will also be invested to transfer the production site of Allonnes (Pays de la Loire) to Bretagne.