Wi6Labs is making progress with the 6Lowpan and Lora protocols

Specialising in the secure, energy-saving smart sensor networks, Wi6Labs (Rennes) has mainly developed a software component to manage a network of sensors based on customer requirements. The company wishes to ramp up the commercial development of its range around the Lora standard and seeks to raise between €600-700k by end 2016. It has been part of Lora Alliance since 2015.

This is a consortium of three hundred companies sponsoring the roll-out of this standard in connected agriculture and smart cities. Wi6Labs is also increasing its partnerships. It is marketing a remote glasshouse operating service jointly with Cybeltech. It is also experimenting with Alkante (Noyal-sur-Vilaine) on a real time monitoring and operating solution for water, gas and electricity in six public buildings.

Lastly, Wi6Labs is interested in the 6LowPan standard, another long-range communication protocol in a meshed network; it has developed a transmission module for this protocol. Based on the same mechanism as WiFi, it can satisfy problems of range of things and congestion of frequencies for two markets – lighting and smart home.

Source :  API Newsletter – 10/05/2016
Credit : wi6labs.com