Since 2017, Energiency (Rennes, 25 employees), a specialist in industrial energy efficiency, has been showing three figure growth. Its results have also been boosted by raising €2.7M early in 2016 to develop Energiency Solutions, its data analysis platform for cloud-accessible industrial energy efficiency, and to support its international development, mainly in Europe, Germany and Italy. The company offers its data visualisation and real-time performance diagnostics solutions to manufacturers in the agri-food, chemicals and energy supply sectors and other consumers of electricity, gas, water, etc.

Energiency is aiming to become a European leader through recommendation, which highlights sources of energy savings and can save 5 to 15% on its customers’ bills. The service can be accessed on a software platform and the data collected from communicating sensors and the IoT installed on manufacturing sites.

Energiency is one of the big French names in data science and artificial intelligence technologies as it relies on big data, data mining and machine learning. Under the factory 4.0 and the Forward Investment Plan (PIA), Energiency leads the European collaborative project Atl-En-Tic on the “factory of the future” and “smart grids” on the theme of smart energy. This project is one of the bricks in the major smart grid SMILE programme sponsored by the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions.


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