Entech Smart Energies (Quimper, 27 employees, turnover in 2017: €3 million), specialising in the conversion and storage of energy and smart grids, has developed containers that store the current carried by wind, hydraulic and photovoltaic energy and redistribute it.

In two years, the company has multiplied partners (Bolloré, PSA, Schneider Electric, Bouygues, ForSee Power…) and achievements.  It has developed a controllable converter for small tidal turbines and been involved with the Sabella D10 turbine. It also carried out photovoltaic installations at the Cheviré bridge in Nantes and at K2 on the submarine base in Lorient. It is also interested in the 2nd life of electric vehicle batteries with the goal of optimising battery life.

The SME has already recruited 10 people since early 2018 and is set to continue its momentum with about fifteen new recruits. Entech also relies on exports and aims to conduct 30 to 40% of its business in Africa and Asia within two years.


Sources : Ouest France – 17/05/2018, Lettre API – 11/09/2018