Created by Christophe Goasguen, Imeon Energy (Brest) is the leader in hybrid solar inverters incorporating Artificial Intelligence.


Promoting self-consumption


The company offers an innovative system that aims to make a home self-sufficient or almost self-sufficient, by combining a storage solution (batteries) with a self-consumption photovoltaic installation. The solar inverter can be installed independently, in isolated areas with a generator, or can be connected to the standard power grid.  It is configured according to requirements, taking into account various parameters: off-peak or full hours, national legislation, remote management, etc. The goal is to use the batteries as little as possible and to directly consume solar energy. The surplus electricity produced (about 5%) is then processed and stored in a battery.

According to Christophe Goasguen, this solution can reduce the price of electricity by 50%. The inverter fits almost all batteries on the market. Since its fundraising in 2015, Imeon Energy has transformed its inverters into communicating objects by introducing artificial intelligence: they manage several sources of energy (photovoltaic, batteries, public network) and mitigate fluctuation and intermittency of solar energy while lowering the final bill. The company has also developed a monitoring tool to monitor the installation in real time. Inverters are assembled in Brest and China, but Christophe Goasguen plans to assemble 100% of the products destined for the European market in Brest by the end of 2018.


International growth


This technological breakthrough that the company has patented has gained a foothold on the international electricity markets. Imeon Energy has a network of distributors in 70 countries and generates 90% of its turnover in export. In addition, the SME is investing in logistics and service centres in remote areas such as China, South Africa and Australia. It also garners partnership contracts with giants like Samsung in South Korea or a specialist in high-definition battery Leplanche in Switzerland…


Continuous innovation


To adapt its inverters to batteries and customer requirements, the company is constantly innovating. Every 3 months it offers new features and new compatibility functions for batteries. It is also launching the remote management of its products and thus enters the Internet of Things adapted to energy management. With these developments, it is experiencing a record growth of 70% per year and is regularly increasing its workforce.


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