Known by the general public for its phone terminals, Swedish group Ericsson (110,000 employees worldwide) is now focusing on the network core, telecom systems concealed inside telephones. The Lannion site employs about one hundred development engineers for the software architecture, app development, IoT (Internet of Things), automatic testing, the cloud, 5G and big data. The company accommodates a red platform for confidential projects, unique in France at Ericsson’s.

Interaction with the local ecosystem is strong, as the site is partnering with twenty local subcontractors and has set up collaborative projects that contribute to heightening the site’s visibility. Bouygues and Orange are also major customers of the site. Bouygues is the 1st client with a large-scale project covering big data, involving about one quarter of the workforce. Also, twenty employees work for Orange in a dedicated 5G lab, on the network’s low latency and on network slicing.


Source : Ouest France – 15/05/2018