Guinard Energies Nouvelles (Brest) designs small tidal turbines, using its Magawattblue technology, based on the use of a nozzle (cone-shaped hull of the tidal turbine) which accelerates current speed by 40% and thus doubles the energy harvested by the tidal turbine. In addition, the machine pivots according to the currents.

This change of focus has helped to improve the design of the blades and thus further increase the yield. Our tidal turbine is twice as powerful as other tidal turbines of comparable size“, says Vincent Mariette, the director of the company. The SME differs from its competitors in the size of its machines: the P66 has a diameter of 66 cm for a power output of 3.5 kW and the P154 has a diameter of 1.54 m for a power output of 20 kW.

They are designed to capture the energy of marine and fluvial currents in isolated, unconnected sites. Installation and maintenance are easy and can be carried out by villagers in isolated sites.

Its brand new river turbine, the P400, equipped with a self-ballasting floating base, is expected to be submerged soon in the Etel estuary for a test phase. For the construction of its turbines, Guinard Energies uses local skills: Navtis (manufacture), Entech (electrical conversion system), the architect Ship ST

After several years of R&D, design, testing and quality control, the 2 smaller turbines are starting to be marketed. Guinard Energies won a tender in Guyana to equip a CNRS research station. The tidal turbine will be attached to its hybrid system of regulation conversion to permit the creation of a micro-network of competing generators. The SME is also targeting Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

It should be noted that Guinard Energies is the only manufacturer to publish the power curve of its machine.


Sources : – 04/01/2018, Ouest France – 30/10/2017