Launched in 2015, OpenHealth Company (with headquarter in Paris and production site in Vannes, 50 employees), approved host of personal health data, is already a key player in the collection, aggregation and real-time analysis of real-life multi-source health data. These data come in particular from the daily sales of more than 10,000 pharmacies and the daily medical prescriptions of 1,000 doctors in France, but also from economic, sectoral and international data.

OpenHealth markets its data analytics services to its customers as dynamic indicators and dashboards via its online platform. It responds to the needs of the drug and public health industry.

In order to support its growth in France, in 2017 the company conducted a first round of financing of nearly €5 million from LBO France-Innovation Capital. This operation allows it to create a hub on the Internet that will be the largest platform for analysing health data available in France.

In addition, the company advertises its European ambitions in the field of predictive medicine, supporting the digital transformation of healthcare systems, personalisation and real-time monitoring of care pathways, as well as the development of knowledge about diseases and their treatments. Last March at the Big Data Paris Innovation Awards, OpenHealth Company won the 2018 Big Data Coup de Coeur Award, unanimously voted by the jury, among more than 40 projects presented.


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