Key facts

150 companies

8.000 jobs

3.000 students trained per year

200 specialist researchers

1.600 cyber defence experts attached to the Ministry of Armed Forces by 2025

What Bretagne brings you

Dynamic ecosystem

Bretagne has a rich, innovative network : major international groups have opened sites here dedicated to cybersecurity, Bretagne PME are recognised internationally and many start-ups are expanding in the region. The Pôle d’Excellence Cyber aims to structure the sector by stimulating training, academic research and innovation within companies, in a collaborative approach.

At the heart of French cyber defence

The cyber hub of the Ministry of Armed Forces, Bretagne is now a cyber defence reference with the DGA-MI, the Cyber Defence Command (COMCYBER), the Defensive Cyber Warfare Analysis Centre (CALID), the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) and 3 large military colleges. The ministry supports companies through initiatives like the Cyber Defence Factory that brings civilians and military personnel together to develop innovative cyber defence projects.

Pioneer of maritime cybersecurity

France Cyber Maritime was founded in Brest in 2020 with the support of the General Secretariat of the Sea (SGMer), ANSSI and regional players. This national cybersecurity coordination centre for the maritime world aims to boost the resilience of the sector to cyber risks and promote French excellence in maritime cybersecurity in Europe and internationally.

Excellence hub for telecommunications in France

As a leading digital region and historically the cradle of telecoms in France, Bretagne is a key player in telecommunications, particularly in network infrastructure and equipment, video, IoT and big data analysis.

European visibility

Bretagne takes part in the Interreg Europe Cyber project and runs the Cybersecurity Smart Regions action to develop synergies between the European cyber valleys. It thus reinforces its strategic position in Europe and gives Bretagne companies a high profile in the European market.

Event : European Cyber week

The European Cyber Week event takes place every year in Rennes. It brings together nearly 90 partners and 4,000 participants representing 26 countries.

Our talents :
Training, research, innovation

  • Every year, more than 3,000 students trained in cybersecurity in twenty or so third-level institutions, including ENSIBS, ENSTA Bretagne (port & maritime systems Cybersecurity), the Cyber Security Center and the CyberSchool – Graduate Cyber Security Research School.
  • Over 200 researchers specialising in cybersecurity within Irisa, Inria, IETR and Lab-STICC. These research centres encourage partnerships with manufacturers and companies, the transfer of innovation and the creation of start-ups.
  • The private Institute of Research and Technology b<>com develops technologies based on its expertise in cybersecurity, 5G & IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality, cognitive technologies, image & sound processing and advanced engineering.
  • The High security laboratory (LHS) is dedicated to cyber defence research and is sponsored by the Bretagne Region, DGA, INRIA, CentraleSupelec and CNRS.
  • DIH Bretagne (Digital Innovation Hub) is selected as European DIH in the European programme “Digital Europe” and is active in cybersecurity.
  • As an inter-institutional cybersecurity skills centre, C³ or “C Cube” strengthens training, research and innovation in cybersecurity. It promotes Bretagne know-how and skills in this area to an international audience. It hosts the LHS, CyberSchool, DIH-Bretagne and Pôle Excellence Cyber.

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