Key facts

81.8 TWh energy consumed in 2018

24 % destined for industry

10.4 TWh primary energy from renewable sources produced in 2018


300 members

70 % are companies

50 collaborative projects rolled out in 4 years, including 27 now running at the end of 2021

What Bretagne brings you

Dynamic of renewable energies

Bretagne is focusing on:

These new productions face technological challenges. So many opportunities for companies to seize.

Smartgrid expertise

As the go-to region for telecommunications and networks and cybersecurity, Bretagne offers :

  • A complete digital ecosystem to find partners and develop smartgrid solutions effectively.
  • Cutting-edge research with the main digital science and technology laboratories working on energy issues.
  • Support for the development of companies through innovation with competitiveness hubs and clusters (see the heading “Our talents”).

Market opportunities

  • Clean mobility : dense ecosystem with a major car manufacturer (Stellantis) and electric vehicles manufacturer (Bolloré), top level suppliers, smart transport.
  • Boat of the future : leading maritime economy, naval and nautical industries, maritime transport, ports.
  • Optimisation of energy and production chains : dense industrial fabric, mainly agri-food.
  • Self-consumption : storage and efficiency in the residential, non-residential and industrial sectors.

The laboratory for testing your solutions

SMILE and Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) mobilise all smartgrid players : companies, authorities, teaching, research and innovation players.

They all work around collaborative projects, targeting large-scale deployment.

You can thus avail of an efficient connection with the economic, technical and financial partners most favourable to your project and test your solutions in an actual market.

European showcase

SMILE is aiming to make the Grand Ouest of France a leading territory in Europe in terms of Smart Electrical Grids around lasting solutions that can be replicated nationally and internationally.

SMILE promotes the industrial skills of its members within an interactive showroom, the gateway to visits to manufacturing sites offered to visitors (authorities and manufacturers). SMILE opens the doors of its international network to you.

Exemplary initiatives

Our talents :
Training, research, innovation

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