Land of innovation

Large-scale research investment

With facilitated access to 109 laboratories and close to 10,000 researchers, Bretagne boasts exceptional innovation potential. Thanks to national public R&D centres, internationally-renowned tech platforms (CNRS, IFREMER, INRIA, INSERM, INRA, ANSES, IRSTEA, Agrocampus), leading private R&D centres from giants such as Canon or Orange, as well as innovative start-ups, the region is a dynamic and vibrant one.


Academic research linked to companies’ innovation needs

Thanks to:

  • 4 business clusters: Images and Networks (digital), Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique (marine technology), Valorial: the food of tomorrow (agri-food), ID4CAR (vehicles and mobility);
  • 1 technological research institute: B<>com (digital)

As well as:

  • An institute of excellence in energy transition: France Energies Marines;
  • 16 innovation centres
  • A network of 7 tech hubs
  • The Emergys incubator


Areas of innovation

In a bid to continuously build on its leading scientific and economic activities, the region is focusing on 7 areas of innovation:

  • A sustainable food chain for high-quality food;
  • Cutting-edge technology for industrial applications;
  • Technology for a digital society;
  • Health and well-being for improved quality of life;
  • Maritime activity for sustainable growth;
  • Observation twinned with green and energy engineering to protect the environment;
  • Social and community innovations to foster an open-minded, creative society.


This hotbed of innovation regularly breathes life into cutting-edge technology that’s ahead of the market trends.

Bretagne’s traditional areas of expertise have been fed back into creating internationally-renowned specialities: food safety, optics/photonics, telecom/broadcast, sea technologies and sciencessailing, shipbuilding.