Skills & talents

Bretagne is home to qualified, professional men and women.
The region’s population boasts a high level of education and has always shown a propensity to embrace schooling.

Bretagne enjoys an excellent education system that reflects employers’ needs.
Every year, the region welcomes in over 110,000 students to the four universities that make up the overarching Université Européenne de Bretagne federation, as well as its 27 professional schools.


Grandes Ecoles

Agronomy :


Arts & Architecture :


Sciences, environment,  chemistry & technologies


Trade & management




Political studies

Computing services & Telecommunication

  • Computing services to organizations in various fields of specialization
  • Digital services
  • Electric engineering and industrial computing
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Statistics and decisional computing
  • Sciences, technologies and health studies in various fields of specialization 

Electricity, Electronics & Electrotechnics

  • Energy and sustainable development management
  • Electrotechnic
  • Management of liquids, energies and domotic in various fields of specialization.
  • Electro-marine systems maintenance
  • Photonic systems
  • Electric engineering and industrial computing 

Food industry

  • Bioanalysis and control
  • Sciences and technologies of food
  • Biological engineering in agri-food industry and biological industry
  • Food industry security
  • Innovation in food industry
  • Sciences and technologies in various fields 

Agriculture & Environment


  • Horse racing company manager
  • Dairy farming management
  • Engineering in farm equipment, farm business and strategy, in agronomy, and in agricultural-biological-biotechnological analyses
  • Forest management
  • Horticultural production
  • Animal production
  • Agricultural development advisor

Water and environment

  • Landscape planing and construction
  • Trades in the services to the environment and in the water sector
  • Technics and services in farm equipment
  • Water managing and control and protection
  • Chimical engineering, bio-process engineering
  • Environmental coordinator
  • Science, technology and health studies in various fields
  • Sustainable management and eco-innovation 

Marine field

  • Aquaculture
  • Marine mechatronic
  • Fishing and management of the marine environment
  • Maintenance of electro-naval systems
  • Science, technology, health and logistic in various fields
  • Ship operations and naval engineering
  • Laws of the marine space and marine activities
  • Marine architecture and offshore
  • Renewable marine energies 


  • Welding technicians
  • Conception and industrialization in marine construction, shipbuilding
  • Conception and construction of chassis
  • Conception and construction of industrial boiler making
  • Metallic constructions
  • Car industry 


  • Reception in the logistic sector
  • Management in transport and logistic deliveries
  • Quality, industrial logistic and organization
  • Law, economy and management in logistic
  • Management of the supply chain 


  •  Reception
  • Events planner / organizer
  • Law, economy and management in various field 


  • Arts, literature and foreign languages and civilizations
  • Bachelor Europe-Asia International Business
  • Trilingual exportation assistant
  • Law, economy and management in international trade
  • International trade responsible
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Marketing
  • Europe-Asia chargé d’affaires studies
  • International technological studies 


The people of Bretagne share the same appreciation for community values anchored in a strong sense of regional identity and belonging that adds value:

  • Commitment
  • Sense of community
  • Open-mindedness
  • Imagination


Foreign and French investors in the region see Bretagne’s professionals as committed, motivated and highly skilled partners.

Bretagne attracts an average of 23,000 new inhabitants every year and retains its talent thanks to exceptional quality of life: a huge range of cultural and leisure activities, a rich diversity of landscapes, a strong sense of community, reasonable living costs, cities on a human scale and high-quality public services.