Key facts

Sources : Insee, CCI Bretagne

2.700 companies

40.000 jobs

4.000 researchers

1.500 graduated in digital technologies per year

2 e largest region for training telecommunications engineers

3 e largest region for training electronic, IT and communications engineers

Innovation and experimentation dynamics

Technical skills for the digital transformation of the economy

DIH-Bretagne is the “European Hub” of the Bretagne region to boost digital transformation and innovation.

Technical skills :

In the main economic sectors in Bretagne : agri-food, digital, sea economy, health and industry.

Dynamic ecosystem in Artificial Intelligence

Bretagne is a melting pot for R&D, experimentation and development of AI uses. The region has the whole spectrum of artificial intelligence, from machine architecture to decision support.

  • 120 players for AI Data Science and Intelligent Data Processing.
  • 85 companies serving all sectors
  • 30 research institutes and teams
  • 20 higher education institutions
  • Inria Rennes and IRISA : 300 AI researchers (robotics, data analytics, image analysis).
  • Lab-STICC (CNRS) : cross-cutting programme on AI (40 experts).
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab at b<>com

Market opportunities

Digital technologies are applied to all sectors of activity : agri-food, digital, marine economy, health, industry, mobility, energy, new space, etc.

New sectors are also emerging, for which Bretagne has developing ecosystems, favourable to the installation of new start-ups, including :

Efficient support

Several players support innovative companies in their development and facilitate their access to the Bretagne ecosystem :

European and international connections

Our talents :
Training, research, innovation

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