Biotechnology, Health & Wellness

Biotech, fostering innovation in traditional sectors

Bretagne combines life sciences and state-of-the-art technology in order to cultivate the field of economic innovation, developing sectors including health, cosmetics, agriculture and the environment.


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It has built up a thriving and ever-evolving economy around a traditional industry. This has been achieved by capitalising on its collective approach and its capacity for harnessing its natural resources. Bretagne’s laboratories and businesses undoubtedly add value to the regional sea- and land-based natural resources. The region also has a long tradition in information and communication technologies, and shows huge potential in the merging of this sector with biotechnology.



  • 3rd region in France
  • Excellence in marine biotech and agri-biotech
  • Leading region in marine cosmetics
  • Leading region in oceanographic research (50% of national research)
  • 250 businesses and organizations (150 companies)
  • 1 international competitiveness cluster: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
  • 2 marine biology stations : Roscoff and Concarneau
  • 3 technology transfer centres: CBB Capbiotek, IDMer and CEVA, the only technical centre in Europe dedicated to research on marine vegetation and its practical applications.
  • A dynamic network of technology platforms: Biogenouest, Prodiabio and Biodimar
  • Reputable research teams : European Institute for Marine Studies, CNRS, Ifremer, Université de Bretagne Occidentale et Sud / Pôle Halieutique.
Innovating in
  • Health & nutrition (human, animal, plant)
  • Cosmetics & nutraceutics
  • Food industry
  • Environment & energy

CODIF International E. Pain - BDI - Marque Bretagne

Entreprise C-WEED. Crédit : E. Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne


Bretagne, innovating for a more integrated management of health and wellbeing

From medication to wellbeing, Bretagne’s health sector is constantly expanding. Thanks to the region’s wide-ranging skills, more integrated solutions can be prescribed to enable a fusion between health, digital solutions, prevention and therapeutics.


  • 25 research units
  • 600 researchers
  • 10,000 jobs in 2 university hospitals (Rennes and Brest)
  • 8,000 jobs in 215 SMEs
  • 1 innovation and technology transfer center : ID2Santé


Entreprise Biotrial Crédits : E. Pain - BDI - Marque Bretagne


Leaders in the biotech and health sectors

Groupe Rocher, Biotrial, BioMérieux, Roullier, Sanofi, and also numerous SMEs and innovative start-ups such as Abyss Ingredients, Algues et Mer, Agrimer, Agrival, BCF Life Sciences, Biopredic, Bioprojet biotech, Biotechmarine, BIO3G, Bretagne-Plants, Codif international, C.Ris Pharma, Diafir, Effinov nutrition, Ephyla, Eurosafe, Goëmar, Hemarina, HTL, Javenech, Kelia, ManRos Therapeutics, NG Biotech, Olmix, Polaris, Polymaris Biotechnology, Soliance, YsLab, etc.