Defence & Security

Bretagne, a centre of excellence in technological innovation for defence

The French Army has historically had a strong presence in Bretagne. Over the years, this has enabled the region to consolidate a high level of military technology expertise, with cybersecurity, electronic and computer systems at the forefront.

Crédits : Marine Nationale



  • 383 businesses (50% services and research, 50% industry)
  • 2 large corporations : Thales, Naval Group
  • DGA (national defence procurement agency), Marine Nationale
  • 47 research teams


  • 7 innovation clusters
  • 7 technical centres and platforms
  • 11 graduate schools
  • 1 centre of excellence in cybersecurity and cyber defence



  • Naval defence
  • Key pioneering technologies


Sous marin lanceur d'engin. Crédits : Marine-Nationale / SNLE

Focus on cybersecurity : Set up in the heart of the Cyber Valley®

Bretagne is at the forefront of digital technology and has become a benchmark region in cybersecurity. With world renowned firms, research teams from leading institutions, as well as top contractors nearby, Bretagne fully intends to drive France and Europe’s cyber defence and cybersecurity industry forward.


  • 180 ICT and defence contractors
  • Over 100 cybersecurity businesses
  • Over 200 cyber research staff
  • 13 cyber research teams including 7 cyber defence with CNRS, IRISA, LabSTICC, IRMAR, ETRS, INRIA.
  • 2 research chairs dedicated to naval system cybersecurity and to cyber defence and cybersecurity.
  • Over 2,000 students trained in or briefed on cybersecurity.


  • Defence: Naval Group, Thales, Euroshelter / Nexter & DGA, Marine Nationale
  • Cybersecurity: Amossys, Secure-IC, Siepel, Diateam, Orange