Food industry and agriculture

Eating well, today and tomorrow

Agriculture feeds Bretagne. From farm to fork, the food sector champions quality, diversity and health, thus providing valued produce and restoring consumer trust.


Entreprise Cité Marine Crédits : E. Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne

Bretagne is known for its rich and varied agriculture: meats, eggs and dairy products, from Breton livestock farmers, are exported all over the world. The region also provides a variety of high quality fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, strawberries, peas and green beans. With a large maritime area, its bustling ports ensure a strong fishing economy, which represents over 50% of French maritime fishing. These large primary areas of business provide the food industry with quality raw materials and have contributed to creating a powerful, dynamic and economic force.

Food industry

  • 1st region in France for production
  • 1,300 establishments
  • 70,000 employees
  • €20 Bn in turnover
  • 1 innovation cluster : Valorial, food for the future and technical centres

Entreprise Laiterie Malo Crédits : E. Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne

Crédits : E. Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne


  • 34,500 farm holdings
  • 70,000 employees
  • €9 Bn in turnover


Crédits : E. Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne


Recherche agri-agro Crédits : E-Pain / BDI / Marque Bretagne

Fishery and aquaculture

  • 1st region in France
  • 14,910 employees
  • 51% of the French production and turnover


  • Meat : Cooperl, SVA-Jean Rozé, Bigard-Socopa
  • Poultry : LDC
  • Milk : Laita, Sill
  • Vegetable : d’aucy, Prince de Bretagne
  • Bakery & Pastry : Groupe Le Duff, Panavi, Locmaria
  • Seafood : Connetable-Chancerelle, Fipeche-Groupe Le Graet, Guyader Gastronomie
  • Ingredients : Diana, Solina
  • Agricultural machinery : Jeantil, Pichon, Belair, Emily, Rolland, MX, Magsi, Sodimac
  • Equipment / Buidings : Tuffigo Rapidex, ITEK, Asserva
  • Animal nutrition : Provimi/Cargill, Mg2Mix, CCPA, Le Gouessant, Cooperl, Groupe Michel, Coopérative Garun Paysanne, Triskalia, Aliouest, Invivo, Olmix
  • Plant nutrition : Bio3G, Timac, Eliard, TMCE
  • Hygiene and animal health : Hypred, Deltavit, Farm Apro, Néolait
  • Fishing : Le Drezen, Compagnie Française du thon
  • Aquaculture : SPF / Diana, Aquassys, Le Gouessant Aquaculture



  • SPACE : the international exhibition for animal production
  • CFIA : the main event for the food-processing sector in France