Green Business & Marine Renewable Energy

Bretagne, a land where energy transition is tried and tested

From housing to energy, Bretagne is driving green business forward, thus becoming a pioneering region for energy transition, focusing on uses, technological innovation, and full-scale testing.

Eolienne onshore Crédits : Pierre Torset / CRTB


Green building and green businesses

  • Over 1,9 million homes in 2015
  • Over 19,000 homes under development in 2015
  • Bretagne Electricity Pact
  • Sustainable Building Strategy
  • 45,000 energy rénovations per year planned by 2020
  • €7,3 Bn in turnover (including  51% new builds)
  • Over 68,000 employees
  • Almost 24,000 establishments


Panneaux solaires Crédits : D. Leroux / BDI / Marque Bretagne

Innovating in

Smart-grids, eco-design, ecology and energy transition

Marine renewable energy has a prominent position in Bretagne.

The region enjoys outstanding potential for energy generation thanks to the various resources available along its coasts – wind, tidal streams and waves. Unparalleled expertise is being developed in infrastructures, planning, project development, R&D, education and training.

Marine renewable energy

  • 188 businesses
  • 36 research teams
  • 2 test sites
  • 1 dedicated 50 ha port facility : Port of Brest
  • 1 global innovation cluster : Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantic
  • 1 institute for energy transition : France Energies Marines


Hydrolienne Crédits : D. Leroux / BDI / Marque Bretagne

6 types of technology

Tidal stream generator, offshore fixed wind turbine, floating wind turbine, tidal power plant,  wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion


Leaders in their field

  • Water & waste treatment : Guyot Environnement, Le Floch Dépollution, Emo France, Premier Tech Aqua, Ar-val, Copex, Eichrom, Sodicome, and numerous innovating SMEs.
  • Eco-construction : Trecobat, B3Ecodesign, Domespace, Groupe Rose, Maisons Akabois.
  • Smartgrids :  Delta Dore, Energiency, Actility, Imex CGI, Kerlink, NKE Watteco, Sagemcom, Schneider Electric, Seifel, Sanden Environmental Solutions, and numerous innovating start-ups.
  • Renewable energies : Langa, Armorgreen, Quénea Energies Energies Renouvelables, IEL, and numerous innovating SMEs.
  • Marine renewable energies : Sabella, Naval Group, Guinard Energie, Ailes Marines.