Shipbuilding & leisure marine

Bretagne, sailing towards the shore of the future

Bretagne is riding the wave of research and innovation. Shipbuilding, ocean racing and pleasure boating are all exploring new horizons, paving the way for safer, cleaner and higher-performance boats of the future. The region shows a strong innovating power to remain attractive and competitive in a highly competitive global marketplace.


Diam 24 One Design by ADH Inotec Crédits: ADH Inotec / BDI / Marque Bretagne


  • 1st region in France for shipbuilding and repair
  • 117 businesses
  • 11,600 employees
  • 70% in naval defence
  • 19 research teams
  • 1 dedicated cluster: Bretagne Pôle Naval
  • 1 innovation cluster: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique


Leaders in their field

Naval Group, Chantiers Piriou, Sobrena, Kership, Ufast

Marine leisure

  • 1,300 businesses
  • 7,000 employees
  • €600m in turnover
  • Leader in ocean racing with 1,000 employees
  • 1 dedicated cluster: Eurolarge Innovation
  • 1 innovation cluster: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

Leaders in their field

Multiplast, Bic Sport, GDK, JFA

Chantier Piriou Crédits : F. Betermin / BDI / Marque Bretagne

Flying Phantom by Phantom International Crédits : Phantom International / BDI / Marque Bretagne


Bretagne, propelling innovation in composite materials

Bretagne is a hotbed of innovation when it comes to ocean racing, the automotive industry, aeronautics, naval construction and marine renewable energy.

The region unites its entire range of skills related to the composites sector, from training to production to R&D and prototyping. Its technical centres, technology platforms, research laboratories and its businesses demonstrate great breakthrough innovation potential as well as large high-quality carbon parts.

Composite materials

  • 2 business clusters: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Pôle EM2C
  • Composite Bretagne: a unique network of composites research platforms
  • R&D dedicated to bio-based materials
  • Skills for large carbon items
  • Ability to produce high-quality carbon parts


Leaders in their field

Multiplast, SMM, Coriolis composites, Lorima, Kaïros


Chantier JPK Composites Crédits : JPK Composites / BDI / Marque Bretagne